Remanufacturing process

A repaired unit is usually one on which the minimum amount of work has been carried out to rectify a defect and put the unit back into working order. Typically this will involve a replacement or repair only of non-working or worn-out components.

A reconditioned unit is usually one in which any non-working components will be replaced - and the wearing components will be replaced if they have worn beyond a pre-determined limit. Typically reconditioned units have also been cleaned and cosmetically enhanced.

All Remy units are remanufactured and tested to OE specification. The remanufacturing process involves:
– disassembling unit completely into individual base components
– professionally cleaning all components
– remanufactured components
– disassembling all wearing parts with OE equivalent components
– assembling and testing (static and dynamic) to OE standards

A remanufactured part fulfills a similar function as the original part. It is restored from an existing part (core) using standardized industrial processes in line with specific technical specifications. A remanufactured part is given the same warranty as a new part and clearly identifies the part as a remanufactured part and the remanufacturer.

All products are remanufactured according to the highest standards

Summary of remanufacturing process